#usblogs: Week 2 Round-Up The 21st Century Leader


A fun way to spice up our blogging efforts, #usblogs is a group weekly blogging game within the #usguys tribe!

Every Friday night, well pick a common theme, and blog away until Monday morning. No particular rules or template, no winners either the benefit is simply to push each other to blog on a great topic, learn, have fun, and start a wider conversation with (hopefully) great diversity in our points of view.

Anyone can participate by suggesting topics, posting articles on their own blog, and of course, reading, commenting and sharing the results!

If youre already a #usblogs contributor, you know what to do if youre #usguys, see below for How it works if youre not #usguys yet, #usblogs is a great way to jump in and join in the groups conversation there is no qualification to join our tribe, except a desire to be part of a great group, and participate to our 24/7 chats with an open and positive mindset welcome!


Our theme this week a great one was posted by Mark Robertson (markosul) Book Eater | Storyteller | Intl Educator | Wounded Healer | Gonzo Travel Writer | Panamerican Gringo Live in the Brazilian Savanna w/his Bride if youre not following him already, I suggest you start right now.

The Leadership Of Friends by Libby Baker Sweiger. libbytalks

Monday-Thursday: we all suggest themes for the following week-end; any #usguys member can suggest a theme, to keep the game open to all, not just those who already posted; to suggest, simply send a tweet with the following format: Theme: xxxxx #usblogs #usguys Please RT to Vote!

Friday: well pick one theme on a simple popular votes basis the most retweeted; this ensures themes have broad appeal for both writers and readers and hopefully enough controversy to stimulate different perspectives and opinions: Ill be happy to keep track and announce the theme each Friday pm, around 6pm NY time.
Saturday & Sunday: we all write and post on our own blogs

Before Monday Mid-Day: we all tweet our posts with the #usblogs hashtag, and update our own posts with a round up of all other #usblogs posts.