You Can’t Have One! The Art Of False Scarcity

July 16, 2011

PEOPLE, WE’RE FALLING FOR THE SAME TRICK TWICE IN THE SAME MONTH. It’s a good one. It’s called False Scarcity. When goods are free and widely available to everyone without constraints…. do we really want them? Probably not as much as if we’re convinced that they are rare and have to go through a guarded [...]

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The QR Code Is Dead, Long Live The QR Code!

July 12, 2011″>httpv://

This past weekend, I published a post lauding Tesco’s use of QR-codes in Seoul’s subway; an hour later, I retweeted an article titled “Death To The QR Code” which called them obsolete and invited marketers to drop them altogether. So yesterday, my friend Robin (@SixDegreesPGH) called out this small inconsistency. How can I praise QR codes [...]

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Amazing QR-Powered Virtual Supermarket

July 10, 2011

I’M QUITE IMPRESSED WITH TESCO’S LATEST INNOVATION. Largest food chain in the UK, Tesco also operates 280 stores in South Korea where it holds a solid #2 position. But in a country where mobile is king and smartphones ubiquitous, the retail champion of “convenience” needed a breakthrough to dominate in e- and m-distribution. The shopper [...]

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Five Fatal Flaws of Google+

July 8, 2011

I’m back! It’s been over 3 months since my last post… so what brings me back to writing? Of course, the one topic everybody is talking about, Google+. Full disclosure, I’m very curious to see how much traffic I can get from Google+ vs Twitter or Facebook, and I really needed a fresh post for [...]

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Turn Your Blog Into An iPad App!

March 25, 2011

Turning your blog into an amazing iPad friendly app is is what a new WordPress plugin promises, and it only takes a few clicks. Or rather, let me rephrase. What the new Onswipe plug-in does, is turn you blog into an iPad app-like experience, complete with swipe gestures, Flipboard-like layouts, and your own springboard icon. [...]

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The Worst Viral Marketing Of All Times

March 19, 2011

IT’S NOT HARD TO COME BY MEDIOCRE MARKETING FAILING TO HIT IT IN THE VIRAL CHARTS. Most brand briefs take it for granted these days that “sharing” is a key measure of success, and that making it big on Facebook and YouTube is a holy grail of advertising, combining the most desirable features of peer [...]

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Great Lynx Stunt Drops Angels Into Victoria Station

March 19, 2011″

Combining two marketing fads rarely produces great work… but there are exceptions. The first, Street Marketing, or rather train-station marketing, as high traffic locations like London’s Victoria station seem to be a location of choice for most flash-mobs these days. The second, Augmented Reality, otherwise known as the art of pleasing geeks with improbable interactive [...]

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Hands-On With The iPad 2 – Tips & Apps

March 18, 2011

IT’S NEW, WHAT MORE REASON DO YOU WANT? OK, I confess, I’m a big Apple fan-boy. When it comes to iPad, I was in line on day one last year, and left the Apple Store with a toy that has been since then glued to my hand 10 hours a day, every day. The only [...]

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Tiger Blood & Real-Time Marketing

March 5, 2011

FOCUS MORE  ON THE NOW Instead of spending the next 5 minutes reading this post, you could be gaining 3,000 more followers. That is, if you are using (your toaster), if you have tiger blood or a general addiction to #winning, and if your name is Charlie Sheen. It hit me that things happen mostly in [...]

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The One Thing Klout Is Not

February 20, 2011

Three little weeks. That’s all it took for #usguys to pick a Klout-related topic for our weekend blog-off #usblogs, thanks to @DanPerezFilms. “HOW TO YOU BUILD YOUR OFFLINE KLOUT?” I think this goes to show the impact of Joe Fernandez‘s brand in our group (and more broadly on Twitter) and the amount of controversy that [...]

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Why Annual Performance Reviews Suck And How Gaming Can Fix Them

February 19, 2011

I’m not in Human Resources. But if I was, here’s one thing I’d change. Annual Performance Reviews. You set goals at the start of the year, fill in a form of some kind, review results twelve months later, have a chat, a rating, and a pay rise. What a broken system… WHAT’S WRONG WITH ANNUAL REVIEWS? 1. [...]

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