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The One Thing Klout Is Not

by Thomas MORADPOUR on February 20, 2011 · 44 comments

Three little weeks. That’s all it took for #usguys to pick a Klout-related topic for our weekend blog-off #usblogs, thanks to @DanPerezFilms. “HOW TO YOU BUILD YOUR OFFLINE KLOUT?” I think this goes to show the impact of Joe Fernandez‘s brand in our group (and more broadly on Twitter) and the amount of controversy that [...]


I recently started to follow Mark Schaefer‘s advice to block spam and bot accounts who follow me. Mark made a convincing case for this in a post on his blog {GROW}, based on both theĀ ethics and pride of having a genuine follower list exempt of fake accounts, and on the positive impact this will have [...]


$50,000 Won't Buy You Klout

by on November 27, 2010 · 39 comments

Don’t laugh. Yesterday, our biggest #UsGuys conversation was wether we should buy a social media metric service, which advertised itself as “for sale” with a $50,000 asking price. Quid pro quo aside (we thought it was the uber-metric dashboard Twitalyzer, when in fact it was the somehow lesser known TwitterAnalyzer), this got me thinking about [...]