Cashing In Your Social Currency

by Thomas MORADPOUR on July 30, 2011 · 13 comments

Looks like President Obama #compromise campaign is creating quite a wave. Quoting Nielsen/McKinsey research, Mashable talks of over 22,000 tweets using the hashtag, reaching as many as 36 million users on Twitter, as of Friday 5pm. I won’t go in the details or politics of the campaign – let’s just say it involved sending quite a large [...]


I’m not in Human Resources. But if I was, here’s one thing I’d change. Annual Performance Reviews. You set goals at the start of the year, fill in a form of some kind, review results twelve months later, have a chat, a rating, and a pay rise. What a broken system… WHAT’S WRONG WITH ANNUAL REVIEWS? 1. [...]


10 Leadership Lessons From Twitter

by Thomas MORADPOUR on February 12, 2011 · 17 comments

Great leadership is timeless. Since humankind crawled out of its caves and started grouping into hordes, tribes, and nations, great leaders have emerged to inspire us to go beyond ourselves, and join efforts broader than the individuals. Nothing new under the sun. But in today’s age of social media, movements and communities, more individuals than [...]