Beyonce’s 10 Commandments of Awesome

by Thomas MORADPOUR on July 18, 2011 · 11 comments

I must be the last person in America to watch Beyonce’s stunning performance at the 2011 Billboard Awards, combining 3D projection mapping with live choreography.

In case you’ve missed it too, you can watch the full video at the end of this post: you will be amazed by the artistic and technical creativity, the passion, and the flawless execution skills of a singer who fully deserved the “Millenium Award” received that night.

Lots to be learned from the young star on the arts of being awesome.


1. Be Who You Are. Quite a basic first statement, but pivotal for all the rest. Beyonce is not awesome by trying to be someone else, wearing a meat dress or some other form of silly stunt. She’s awesome by taking her own formula (outstanding dance performances) to the next level.

2. Exceed All Expectations. Of course, everyone expects Knowles to come with perfectly choreographed shows. But Beyonce dancing with her own 3D mapped clones on May 22nd? Above and beyond.

3. Leverage Innovation, Don’t Use It. Easy to see the latest tech fad and say “I want a 3D projection, I want Augmented Reality, I want a …”. But simply using technology is not enough – you need to leverage technology to amplify your identity. Beyonce leveraged 3D mapping to make her true craft shine brighter.

4. Don’t Be The First, Be The Best. There’s only one first “first”. And it’s frequently forgotten – too often weak attempts focused on the news factor of a technique. The true challenge is to do something at unprecedented standards of creativity and quality; here, Beyonce set a new bar for 3D mapping… beat that in your next marketing stunt, or don’t even try!

5. Entertain Till The End.  15 seconds into the show, the unexpected impact of a technology will wear off. You will think “wow, this looks incredible” but then “ok, now what?”. Beyonce’s show is awesome become it keeps it coming, signaling left to turn right, giving you a show with twists and turns until the end.

6. Aim For Disbelief.  How did she do that? Amazing! Is this her or the projection? Part of the success is pulling “magic tricks” that will keep your audience guessing.

7. Plan Perfection (Or Stay Home). Work, work, work… until you’re sure your delivery will be 100% perfect. No space for improvisation in awesome, and Beyonce’s famous for being a workhorse when it comes to rehearsals.

8. Deliver With Passion. Love what you do it and show it by committing 100% in the execution. Didn’t it show she was just having fun on that stage?

9. Make It Look Easy. No-one needs to see the blood, sweat and tears shed in the preparation; when delivery time comes, let your audience enjoy an effortless performance.

10. Don’t Gloat When You Win. Enough said.

And now, the performance itself… enjoy, it’s awesome!

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  • Breakandblossom

    Loved it. Perfect <3 I love B as a perfromer, no-one is seeing her because of these 10 commandments.

  • Jillian Paige

    I have to wholeheartedly agree with any advice that invokes Beyoncé. That girl can do no marketing wrong. Honestly.

    • Thomas Moradpour


  • Howie at Sky Pulse Media

    well I haven’t seen the performance. I don’t watch awards shows for the most part and music ones are normally all pop music which mostly bores me. So I am calling Beyonce to tell her that while I will never buy her music….Tom Moradpour convinced me to watch her performance!

    Great points Tom. Especially about not being first but being the best. The world is littered with Firsts who seriously broke new ground but weren’t the best in the end. Friendster. Netscape. AOL. Coca Cola. Windows CE/Apple Newton/Palm Pilots. etc etc.

    • Jonha Revesencio

      I wasn’t much of a fan myself, but I guess @TomMoradpour:twitter has got some great convincing power in here. I love the 4th, 5th and 9th points especially the need to keep your audience wondering because the moment they guess what’s next, the lesser the thrill, admiration and effectiveness of the show. Beyonce may not be the first to utilize the technology but she has without a doubt done it best so far.

      • Thomas Moradpour

        Thanks Jonha!

  • Howie at Sky Pulse Media

    After watching this I actually don’t think sh eis that good of a dancer here. But I will say the crew who do the SFX obviously kicked as much booty as she did!

    • Thomas Moradpour

      Amazing sync!

      (You may be a bit hard on her dancing skills, no?)Cheers!Tom

      • Howie at Sky Pulse Media

        HAHA! She can Dance Tom! But i didn’t like this dance because  it was the syncing to the special effects in ways that I didn’t flow for dancing.

  • Jure KLEPIC

    Hi Tom, 

    i agree with your Ten Commandments of Awesome, but the reality is that Beyonce copied the 3rd mapping from an Italian Singer, Lorella Cuccarini. Here is the link to the comparison  of it: Beyonce was always known by her innovative style but here I can’t give her a credit for inovation. I know we all look out for competitors, but to be better them you should not copy them. 

    • Thomas Moradpour

      Hum… afraid you’re right my friend ;-)
      Who said “talent copies but genius steals”?… Picasso, no? Somehow though I fear this does not apply in this case.
      I guess this is a case of REALLY strong #4!Tom

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